Samuel Lenz is a magician and presenter, who with wit and charm takes people into a world where dreams become reality.


Individual shows for the perfect event.

No matter the event or setting, Samuel Lenz will create a tailored show for you. Here you can see the different branches of magic he offers to perform.

During this show, no thought is safe; birth dates are predicted, lies are recognized and arithmetical peak performances are achieved. A combination of magic, body language, psychology and suggestion functions as the basis of this show, which will lead every spectator out of everyday life and into a dream world. Experience moments in which you doubt the truth of things and reality is turned upside down…

Not long ago Samuel Lenz developed a completely new show concept, which was accepted with great approval and therefore will continue to exist: a magic show accompanied by professional musicians. Together with at least two musicians, who are booked for festivals all over the world, he plays a very special show, in which music is not only used as an accompaniment but also as a means of effect. This special experience can be booked for your future events; at the same time, it will be performed live at various festivals.

During this Show you will experience the magician Samuel Lenz up close. On larger occasions, he goes from table to table and draws the audience into his spell through the this unique side of magic. You keep a close eye on what is happening and yet you remain speechless. Not only parties or large events are suitable for this category, but also a trade fair stand can be transformed into a spectator magnet by Samuel Lenzs’ magic arts. Draw more attention to yourself and your product with Samuel…almost like magic. A small show – an incredible number of possibilities.

Every well-organized event needs a professional presentation! That is why Samuel Lenz has made it his business to guide through various events with thoroughly researched background knowledge in addition to magic.

Before each event, we talk individually about the wishes and requirements, as well as the smallest details, so that your event becomes exceptional and unique.

The special thing about this presentation: It is a “magical presentation”, which partly combines the respective program points with suitable magical effects and thus ensures an unforgettable evening. Feel free to reach out to Samuel concerning the magical presentation of your event; with Samuel Lenz, your event will turn in an unforgettable experience thanks to his charming presentation and a pinch of magic.

You think magic and interaction only works in the theater and offline? We will convince you otherwise! In the interactive online show with Samuel Lenz, the participants’ decisions are predicted, thoughts are read and seemingly impossible things are accomplished. The best thing about it: you don’t just sit bored in front of the screen, but take part in the magical experiments and thus ensure an unforgettable experience. Some of the magic will happen in your own hands, even though there are endless kilometers between you and Samuel Lenz. Immerse yourself in award-winning magician Samuel Lenz’s virtual mental show for an hour full of surprises!

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