Life as a magician

About Samuel Lenz

Samuel Lenz was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and discovered his sense of magic and interaction with the audience at an early age. He ignited his career with small striking moments and developed into a stage personality that can inspire everyone, from small groups of 20 people up to big events with thousands of spectators. Meanwhile, he enriches peoples’ experiences with magic and presentation at big congresses, festivals, panel discussions or company events, who cannot fail to feel amazed after a show. His own creations are also deeply admired and can, among others, be witnessed over the course of his evening-length events. Samuel Lenz has moderated major events with up to 3000 guests from every end of the spectrum: entertainment events, political events, talks and much more.

In 2018 Samuel Lenz won the Hessian magic competition “Shazam!Slam”. The following year he won the Munich Magic Prize at the “Munich Magic Slam”. In addition, he won the Berlin Magic Prize “Merlin Slam” in June of 2019. Later that year he was awarded the “Top Talent Award” by entrepreneurs and personalities from all over Germany. Since then, he has also performed internationally and recently amazed European entrepreneurs at an international congress in Venice! In 2020 he is already booked for other international events, including performances in Croatia and England.

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Porträtaufnahme des Magier und Moderator Samuel Lenz

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